Learn English

Learn English in a professional yet relaxing environment. Course is tailored for your private and business needs.

The courses are supplied by a trained teacher and can be held inside the farmhouses and organized at your own leisure.


Born in 1969 in Oxfordshire, England, achieved BA(Hons) Combined Arts/English major at Reading University, UK and then worked for some years in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the newspaper 'The Scotsman', until, in 1997, were she discovered her passion for teaching.

1997-2000 English Teacher - Sprachcaffe, Malta - focusing on Cambridge Exam Preparation courses.

2000-2001 English Tutor - University of Edinburgh - foundation course for foreign applicants.

2001-2006 Business English Trainer - Munich - in house training at financial and business institutions.

2006-now Freelance English Teacher - Gozo - class and tailor-made courses.

Further qualifications include the RSA Cambridge CELTA, a Diploma in Teaching Business English and many years of experience.

Course content is bespoke so can range from school revision to interview/presentation preparation.

Teaching method is lexical - but focus tends to be on spoken English using multimedia tools.


1 to 1 - 25 Euro per 60 minutes

2 to 1 - 28 Euro per 60 minutes

3 to 1 - 31 Euro per 60 minutes

4 to 1 - 33 Euro per 60 minutes