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Gozo, snuggled next to its bigger sibling Malta, may be a tiny island (just 14km long) with a sleepy demeanour, but it packs a big activities punch. The ascents are not Alpine, but Gozo's mountain bike trails still offer technical challenges and its Sibit route - sustainable interregional bike tourism - runs round the entire coastline.

The best way to explore the island is by walking. Gozo is ideal for walkers, due to its size you can plan 1, 2 or 3 hour walks. Most of these can be circular routes or point to point. Gozo is a hilly island so expect a few uphills and downhills. On the coastline you will find some of the most spectacular walks. Inland some of the most amazing routes are through the valleys especially during the spring or winter months.

The great advantage of walking or cycling in Gozo is the enormous variety of scenery and character in such a small area: wind-swept cliffs, towers which have been guarding the island for more than 300 years, pebble gorges with rushing waves, clover-strewn fields and chapels nestling in lonely valleys with fresh-water springs trickling through them.

For water babies, it offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. Diving in Gozo can be done during all months of the year since the sea temperature rarely falls below the 16 degrees Celcius. The rocky sea-bed offers many hiding places for sea creatures, from the gaping grouper to the creeping octopus. There are fantastic arches, tunnels, wrecks, caves and lagoons to explore and the underwater landscape is as varied as the topography.

The island of Gozo is home to many fishermen. Fishing villages in Gozo are Xlendi, Mgarr and Marsalforn. Many different types of fish are caught in the Gozitan waters. The most common and most exciting to catch is probably 'Lampuki' or El Dorado Fish. It is also a speciality in the Gozitan cuisine. Lampuki is caught from mid-August up until the beginning of December.

Other kinds of fish caught in the Gozitan waters are Tuna, Barracuda, Swordfish and Amberjack. We suggest taking a Fishing trip for people who would like to have a go at this experience.

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Looking for a sailing destination where you find clear water, nice wind, plenty of sunshine all year round, warm weather and warm sea? Yes, even during the middle of winter sailing and Windsurfing in Gozo are sheer fun. With a 4-ml wetsuit you will be pretty comfortable.

Among the popular spots for sailing and kayaking are Marsalforn, Qbajjar and Hondoq ir-Rummien. These bays are suitable for all level of sailors. On the otherhand when the wind blows from the Northwest direction the best place to windsurf is definitely Ramla Bay, which is situated on the North of Gozo

Swimming to cool off or as a means of relaxing and exercising can be undertaken in many of the beaches dotted around the island. The most popular beaches are Ramla Bay, Qbajjar and Hondoq ir-Rummien. Otherwise you can use the farmhouse pools for a light, relaxing swim.

You can also have a look at the life beneath the Gozitan sea surface easily by snorkeling around the Gozitan coastline. The best places to snorkel are around rocky shores where most underwater marine life resides. You can often spot an octopus, sea urchin or small fish.

Gozo is the ideal place for a rock climbing holiday. Rock climbing in Gozo is possible the whole year through due to mild winter conditions. The ideal time for climbers to visit are autumn and spring. During the summer months deep water soloing is a favourite with the locals. There are over 1,300 rock climbing routes in all the three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

There are many destinations for climbers, but Gozo, ticks many of the right boxes for the sun starved and over stressed.

Gozo's sport routes offer an amazing variety of cimbs across inland crags or impressive sea cliffs and are all within a 20 minute drive of each other.

Link to Gozo Climbing information leaflet:

Map of Rock Climbs in Gozo at Climb Malta

Each of Gozo's many towns and villages pays homage to its patron saint during an exciting and colourful annual feast, these 'festi' take place each weekend between the months of May and September.

As the Maltese Islands are predominantly Catholic, other Christian celebrations take place during the year including at Christmas and Easter time when the islands come alive with pageantry, processions, exhibitions and tradition.

A festa worthy of the name is made up of illuminations, brass bands, fireworks and a procession. The facade of the village church as well as the principal streets are decorated with thousands of twinkling lights. From the Wednesday preceding the festa to its eve, several brass bands march through different streets preceded and followed by the young and not so young who revel in dancing and merrymaking. The beginning and end of these marches are marked by a profusion of multi-coloured ground and aerial fireworks. On Sunday afternoon, in the town and larger villages, there is also a traditional horse and donkey race along the main street. The climax of the festa is reached on Sunday evening when a procession with the statue of the saint carried shoulder-high wends its way slowly through the village streets. The villagers, men, women and children don their best outfit and the houses are appropriately decorated and lit for the occasion.

No other country offers so many rich options for couples wishing to get married. And fortunately, getting married in Gozo is easy and accessible. In advance of the wedding you will have to prepare some paperwork at home, the precise details of which will vary according to where you are from and your legal status. Many couples have done it before you from all over the world!

Wedding ceremonies on Gozo are performed in Maltese or English, and both civil and religious weddings are available for couples from outside Malta. As you would expect from a nation with some of the world's finest architecture, church weddings and other weddings have many magnificent locations.

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